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Learn how to leverage Microsoft’s Power BI to make amazing visuals and data models.

Format all the Font in Power BI

You can quickly get uniform text accross your visuals by using the Power BI themes customization. In just a few steps you will be able to quickly alter the text family. Step 1: Go to Theme OptionsThe first step you will need to take is to navigate to the top ribbon in Power BI and click […]

Forecasting with Python and Power BI

We are using an airline passenger dataset​ that you can get from Kaggle, which shows us the data from 1949 to 1960 for airline passengers.  Load in my dependencies, which are pandas and numpy and Mapplotlib. I’m just going to import those in. And then once I have that, I’m going to read in the CSV […]

Rolling Averages In Power BI

Getting a rolling average should be an native function in Power BI. However maybe at the time you read this, there will already be a a feature added. However, in the meantime lets dive into dynamic rolling average using Power BI.Here are the list of functions will be using the to create our calculation:SUMCALCULATELASTDATEDATESINPERIODDISTINCTCOUNTThere are […]

Sales Prediction Model in Power PI

Leveraging the Python Scripting option in Power BI is a powerful way to build complex machine learning models with the interactive of a dashboard. For the Python model, the SciKit Learn library to create a Linear Regression model that will have a training and testing set for the model to learn on. Then we will run […]

Best Power BI Courses

​Power BI’s user-base is growing daily. In just a few years, the adoption of Power BI into data productivity suites has exponentially grown. The team at Microsoft provides monthly updates that increase Power BI’s functionality and customization. ​If you are familiar with the field of data visualization, you would have heard of Power BI as […]

Does Height Affect Becoming the President

Open the dashboard below and interact with the data. This dashboard shows all the presidential election by nominee and winner. The height of each candidate is listed. Unsurprisingly due to better nutrition and medicine, the presidents have grown in height. The largest disparity exist in the last presidential election when 6’3″ Donald Trump the current […]

Diabetes Across the United States Dashboard

Data is from the Center for Disease Control which has health and disease penetration by state, county and city.  This dashboard was created in Microsoft Power BI with two CSV export from the CDC that listed percentage of residents with diabetes by year and state.  No calculated measures were created due to the data having […]

Learn Power BI Fast

AbsentData Blog Google Tag Manager Tableau Analytics Tutorials Adwords Excel Power BI PANDAS Get Sh*t Done in Power BI1.5 hour Short Course  If you hate overviews and need to learn fast. This is the course for you . NON TRADITIONAL LEARNING. Step 1:  DO FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER! You can get a dashboard up and […]

10 DAX Most Useful Power BI Functions

The importance of data analytics and visualization has grown tremendously over the last 5 years. The terms Data transformations, Big Data, AI and Blockchain are discussed in every sphere of business including operational staff and c-suite executives. It is of paramount importance that huge data sets are visualized efficiently to give managers better insights and […]

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