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70 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

One thing that I love to do more than anything is save time. So, here is a collection of some of the most useful Excel Keyboard shortcuts. These should help you become much more efficient and leave more time to analyze and visualize your data. These 70 tips range from general to data operation. If […]

NRA Political Donations from 1990 to 2018

NRA Donations by Party and Politician Where does the NRA concentrate their donations? You can view the data according to the New York Times, and Fortune Magazine. The top politicians that receive money from the NRA are overwhelmingly Republican with Donald Trump who is the the top politician of the Republican party with over […]

Tableau vs Power BI – Which is the best tool for you?

Tableau vs Power BI The two top business intelligence and data visualization tools are Power BI and Tableau. The products are similar and the decision between the two is dependent on the specific needs of the company including budget, organization, and intended use. Tableau for Data Science A-Z for $10 Bundle. Become a Tableau Expert. […]

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) Calculator

Use the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) Calculator to calculate the max distance of missiles, types, and impact duration from country of origin. Nowadays, one of the biggest international threats is a nuclear weapons attack by North Korea. Their delivery method would be an intercontinental ballistic missile launch. North Korea has been increasing their capabilities in […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is a superb piece of software that allows you to track the acquisition, behavior and outcomes on your website. However, like any tool, its function is going to be different depending on the users intent. Although I do not have hard statistics, I am sure the vast majority of Google Analytics users are […]

Simpsons: Quality and Viewership Decline Trend

Like a very large segment of the world in the late 80s and early 90s. I was completely obsessed with the Simpsons. Every week, I would wait eagerly for each episodes to be release on FOX. I even bought the video games and other merchandise.  But over time, the episodes became repetitive and less edgy. […]

Starbucks Data Story – Stores, Food and Drinks Stats

Starbucks is a dominate coffee chain that has multiple stores on every continent on the planet. I created a simple data story made up of three dashboards that highlight data on international store locations, food stats and drink stats. The data was sourced from multiple sources in the form of CSV files. Each dashboard was […]

How to Learn Tableau Fast

5 Steps to Learn Tableau Fast Without a doubt, Tableau is the current reigning king of business intelligence software and data visualization. It’s become an essential tool for anyone who is dealing a significant amount of data. Outside of the beautiful visualization, practitioners are able to produce, it’s excellent at data mining, cleaning, stats and […]

Use Google Chrome Developer Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

How to use Google Developer Tools for conversion rate optimization. Google Developers Tool is a great application that allows you analyze the code structure of your website. However, there are a of underutilized functions that are great for conversion rate optimization. Here a my favorite ways maximize the benefit of this tool. Testing Web Performance. […]

Chicago Crimes 2015 vs 2016 Data Visualization

Crime in Chicago has soared while other metropolitan cities have seen a major decline. To be exact, most crime in Chicago has not seen any major increases except for homicide. Homicides in Chicago in the first 8 months of the year have already soared beyond the sum of homicides in 2016. This begs the question […]