Where to Find Data?

It’s often a struggle to find the good data that you really need to help enhance you data projects. However, Let’s continue to build a comprehensive list of sources that hopefully provide you with a wealth of datasets to work with. Check out the list of Datasets below. Feel free to help build out this […]

Get Google Trends Data into Power BI with Python

As of the time of writing this post, there is no native connector in Power BI for Google Trends API to pull data directly a report. However, we can easily do this with just a few lines of Python code. This will allow you to bring in multiple keywords to compare trends over time. We […]

Fill Blank Cell with Previous Cell

Excel has a lot of great functions and shortcuts that will make data cleaning and manipulation easier. Not knowing these techniques will add frustration and a lot of time to your current workload and analysis. You can follow the instructions below to figure out how to fill blank cells with previous cell values. Check out […]

Best Power BI Courses

​Power BI’s user-base is growing daily. In just a few years, the adoption of Power BI into data productivity suites has exponentially grown. The team at Microsoft provides monthly updates that increase Power BI’s functionality and customization. ​If you are familiar with the field of data visualization, you would have heard of Power BI as […]

How to Make a Tree Map in Python

Often we we want to show the size differences for groups, we can use things like a tree map. A tree map plot doesn’t come out out the box with the traditional plots such as Matplotlib and Seaborn. The tree map provides a visual representation of the various proportions of categories, much as a pie […]

Data Analysis for Beginners | An Easy Guide

Data Analytics vs Data Science Let’s first help you to define the difference between these two terms. Data analytics is a strategy-based science that can help you analyze raw data, allowing for trend detection and answering questions. Data analysis helps you to draw the right conclusions from a huge batch of data. Moreover, it helps […]

Small Python Projects: Build a News Dataset

One of the easiest projects that you can do in Python is creating a dataset by scraping a particular website In this project , we will use the PyGoogleNews library to extract Google News elements. We will optimize this this web scrapper to focus on a particular keyword, language and search engine location. Additionally, you […]

How to Compare Previous and Current Rows in SQL

One of the easiest ways, to compare this is using the lag function. The lag function will allow you to shift the rows downward so that you can view these rows as one observational row. Here is a simple example of how to use the lag function to shift rows downward. However let’s take a […]

What Makes a Good Data Analyst CV

I thought this might be helpful. I have been working in data. I get a lot of DMs on LinkedIn on what makes a good data analyst CV. I’ve hired about 30 analyst in my career and interviewed a many. Here are the things I think really work and get the attention of HR, CV […]

Pandas Crosstab

Let’s talk about how to do some bi-variate analysis using the Crosstab function from pandas. The Crosstab function is very flexible and allows us to compare two categories. As usual, we’ll work on this practically using a sample dataset. We’re going to analyze a BankChurn dataset to see when our customers left and the different […]

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