Google Career Listings Visualization

  The data was sourced from Kaggle where a user scraped the Google’s careers. Natural Language Toolkit was used in Python. NLTK and BeautifulSoup were used to clean the dataset and split the twelve hundred plus job listings. The job listings were tokenized into nearly seventy-five thousands words. The stop words were removed from the list […]

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Tableau Directional Vector Map

Directional Vector Map in Tableau Directional maps help to show the trade routes, shipping and a whole host of directional data represented. The best way to represent this is by using the map in Tableau.  Your boss may ask you to visually represent the amount of items shipped to different locations around the globe. We are […]

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Excel Pivot Table Tips & Tricks

Pivot Tables: Pivot tables in Excel are considered as the most important tool. A pivot table allows the users to organize and summarize the selected columns of data to develop a required analysis report. Using pivot table user can do quick data analysis and it is quite easy to use as well. In this article, […]

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  • June 22, 2018
  • Excel

Create a Funnel Chart in Tableau

Funnel Chart in Tableau Funnel Chart is used to represent different levels of a process in the form of funnels representing top-down approach. The size of funnels can be shown through any measures like Sales, Profit or Costs etc. Funnel chart is very useful in identifying the problem areas in a process or identifying the […]

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NRA Political Donations from 1990 to 2018

NRA Donations by Party and Politician Where does the NRA concentrate their donations? You can view the data according to the New York Times, and Fortune Magazine. The top politicians that receive money from the NRA are overwhelmingly Republican with Donald Trump who is the the top politician of the Republican party with over […]

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Tableau vs Power BI – Which is the best tool for you?

Tableau vs Power BI The two top business intelligence and data visualization tools are Power BI and Tableau. The products are similar, and the decision between the two is dependent on the specific needs of the company including budget, organization, and intended use. The impact of the coding language or maps supported is minimal for […]

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  • February 10, 2018
  • Blog

How to Use Altyrex with Tableau

Integrate Altyrex  Workflows to Transform Tableau Data Tableau is not a ETL tool, it’s primarily a data visualization tool. So there is often a need to use a tool like Altyrex to help create data workflows and dataset that can be consumed by Tableau:  Generate tde format file for Tableau In Tableau, there is notably better […]

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Transform Power BI into Power Point

How to Make Power Point Presentation from Power BI Reports Power BI has a great function that allows you to export your visuals directly to a Power Point presentation. However, to be able to achieve this, you need to have a Power BI online account so that you can publish your Power BI workbook to […]

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DEA Slang Word Visualization

Choose the substances and see the slang words   How does it work Use the interactive DEA Drug Slang Word Cloud to discover what the most common drug slang words for commonly illegal drugs. This data was source from the DEA data set on The data was in JSON file and was then exported […]

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